A Steam Log Hauler to model

Back about 1901 Alvin Lombard had an idea for a crawler tracked machine to replace draft animals for hauling logs to the mill. An idea that lives on still today in construction machinery. His first efforts used an upright boiler and vertical cylinders.

Probably due to problems with the high center of gravity, he later settled on a style that looked something like a saddle tank railway switching locomotive, as shown in his 1907 patent drawing. About 83 were eventually built before trucks took over.

Mostly used during winter on 'ice roads', these odd looking beasts, and the similar ones made by Phoenix (shown) could haul 10-12 laden sledges full of logs on each trip. They required a 4 man crew to operate, an engineer, a fireman, a steersman, and a 'conductor'

Some close up pictures of the various Lombard Log Hauler features:
Front skis

Steering gear

A couple different steersman's cabs. These things had no brakes, so it's probable that a single machine could have had several different ones, or none at all, at various times during it's working life.

number plate

Builder's plate

cylinder, left side. Right is a mirror image

chain drive and tracks

boiler backhead and cab layout

slightly different view of the backhead

engineer's seat

builder's photo 3/4 rear showing the fuel bunker and hitch

online Specifications and parts list An invaluable techical source for the model builder!

The Phoenix Log Hauler, so similar, yet so different
The Phoenix used a pair of vertical cylinders on each side to drive each track independently, somewhat more complicated and costly to maintain. They also used a slightly different steering mechanism.

Log Haulers could also be equipped with wheels for summer use. Although they tended to get stuck on soft ground.

When their working days ended, some were scrapped, others were simply abandoned right where they were. Like this sad looking Phoenix in Alaska.

These unique machines are great subjects for the modeler that wants someting out of the ordinary.
A 1/6 live steam Phoenix

An uncompleted 1/24 Lombard model found on ebay for me to finish. I'll update this page when I have progress to show